Volcanoes on the Air
Volcanoes On The Air!
Photo by KE8RCF

Announcing the first official Volcanoes on the Air amateur radio event, as published in August 2023 QST magazine:

Start time: August 25, 10:00:00 UTC End time: August 26, 23:00:00 UTC

Scheduled Frequencies, in MHz:



Dan-N8PPQ and Scott-KE8RCF decided to start an event that would be like POTA, but specific to volcanic peaks. We were not surprised to find that others have had the same idea. It looked as though the event had already established after a google search returned a page with rules. However, that turned out to be an April Fools gag from 2015. See: VK3ARR'S SOTA BLOG

We looked on Wikipedia for the closest volcano to us and were surprised to find one in Michigan! It turns out that the “Porcupine Mountains” are remnants that have been extinct for a billion years. Regardless, if Wikipedia calls it a volcano, we will too! See: List of volcanoes in the United States

N8PPQ at W8ZHO in 1995
N8PPQ at W8ZHO in 1995
KE8RCF at work

Please note that functionality and content will be added to this website as time permits.

Volcanoes on the Air is expected to grow and evolve according to user preferences. Rules for this first event are as specified by N8PPQ and KE8RCF on this website. However, rules and website content will become dynamic. Authenticated users, (having created login name and password) will be able to add/delete/change anything. Rather than a top-down system with a web master, users will make decisions on what can be viewed and what the rules changes will be. Authority and responsibility will belong to the authenticated users.